How To Promote Your Website

How To Promote Your Website Paid and Free Methods

Ok, so you’ve put up a website but now you’re not finding people coming to visit.  So how do you promote your website?  It’s a task most people find confusing or have trouble figuring out where to start.  I’m going to go through a number of ways you can promote your website.  We will list paid and free traffic sources to get visitors.

When it comes to getting website traffic there are basically 4 methods to do it.

  • Pay of it – via advertising
  • Generate using SEO free methods
  • Borrow it by leveraging other peoples traffic or buyers list. (Another form of Paid Traffic)
  • Social Media Marketing

How to Promote Your Website with Paid Traffic

Driving traffic to your website with paid traffic is the fastest way to get visitors.  It will require testing and monitoring the results closely.  You want to do this to find the lowest cost and best converting traffic to keep your advertising budget as low as possible.  You will also want to evaluate the competition very closely to see how much they are paying and what it will cost you to get a percentage of the traffic.

Keep in mind the purpose of your website and what you are trying to accomplish with your traffic.  Are you trying to generate leads and Build a list? Do you have an ecommerce site and looking for sales? What action do you want people to take when they get to your site…

Paid traffic can be done using the following:

  1. Google Adwords
  2. Facebook Ads,
  3. Banner Advertising,
  4. Media Buys,
  5. Buying ad space on high traffic websites,
  6. Classified Ads
  7. etc..

Google adwords and Facebook ads are the most common paid traffic methods for promoting websites.  There are many good courses and programs that offer training and tutorials on setting up ad campaigns and how to track them.  Perry Marshall is one of the top Google Adwords experts on the market.  Do a google search for Perry Marshall.

Greg Davis would be my recommendation for Media Buys.  Banner advertising is another form of media buying.  It consists of finding high traffic websites to place ads or banners on to promote your website.  Again you want to start small here and work your way up.

Keep in mind what niche or marketing your website revolves around.  There are companies that pay hundred of thousands of dollars per month on paid traffic.  Analyzing the competition plays a key role in your paid advertising efforts.

You can do Google searches of any of the above paid advertising methods.  You can perform a Google search as following:

  • “keyword” media buying
  • “market” media buying
  • “niche” media buying
  • media buying course
  • etc..

 How to Promote Your Website For Free

Generating traffic to your website with free traffic requires SEO or Search Engine Optimization.  It takes a longer time to see results but once the work is done it produces over time again and again.  You can pay companies or services to provide SEO work for your website or learn the craft yourself.

SEO requires learning keyword research, optimizing your website and pages for those keywords or phrases.  This is often referred to as the “on page seo” work.  There is also “off page seo” which requires back linking to your site and pages.  In time it will happen naturally but there is a process to help this along to generate traffic at a faster pace.

Companies or services make or purchase software to help this process.  As a site owner,. you will find many software and services available to help in your SEO.  Often times, there a too many on the market and you really want to pay close attention to what you use and how to use it.

SEO is a craft to learn.  Once you do, it is a great, great benefit.  Most small business owners neither have the time or desire to do so, that is why they are will to pay someone else to do it.  They are too busy handling the day to day tasks of running their business.

For the home business or internet business person, taking the time to learn SEO is often how they start because of low cost of running a business.  They trade the time vs the money. It all comes down to how much is your time worth!

I will get more into the specifics of  SEO in future articles, as well as who I’ve learned from and suggestions of where you can find helpful courses, programs, software, services, social media marketing and more  etc.

Stay toned for more on how to promote your website,


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